Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/system/admin/accounts

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
ND-0a.tgz                newuser database that creates a file but doesnt add the user
ND-0b.tgz                newuser database that creates a file but doesnt add the user
UserScripts.tar.gz       Scripts to create/modify/delete more than one user
acct-1.2.0.tar.gz        user accounting under 1.2.x
acct-1.3.73.tar.gz       accounting tools for 1.3.73 and later kernels
addbashv2.tar.gz         creates bash accounts with notification
adduser-1.2-noshadow.tar.gz a program for adding users to a system
adduser-ncurses.tar.gz   a program for adding users to a system
adduser-shadow-1.6.tar.gz program for adding users on systems with shadow
admin-shells-0.1.tar.gz  utils for enabling/disabling accounts
admin-v1.2.tgz           administrative menus
checkusers.1.0.tar.gz    check for existant and non-existant users
chpasswd-2.0.tar.gz      full cgi script which full log to change password by WWW
chpd-1.0.tar.gz          notifies users of /etc/passwd changes
deluser+shadow-1.1.gz    util for removing users
gctb-0.1.0.tar.gz        This is a basic account system with licence GNU GPL
kuser-0.8.0.tar.gz       User management tool for the K Desktop Environment
l2nis+-0.1.binary.tar.gz client binaries for NIS+ with level 2 authentication
l2nis+-0.1.patch.tar.gz  patch to compile l2nis+ sources
lsa-1.5b.TAR.gz          user and group administration tool for linux
metash-0.3.tar.gz        system shell launcher that sets environment/umask/resource limits by user
newuser-1.0.tar.gz       Shell script, add new user and send welcome msg
nls-lib.shar             nls support for shadow passwords
npasswd_boulder+l-bin.tar.gz binaries for strict passwd
npasswd_boulder+l-src.tar.gz passwd(8) w/ reasonable strict password checking
nys-0.27.4.tar.gz        nis, nis+, and name service switch support
quotactl-0.1.tar.gz      Command Line Quota Manipulation
shadaut-331df3.tgz       adds self configuration to shadow 3.3.1 for clean build
umaint10.tgz             graphical dialog interface to user account handling
userstuff-1.1.tgz        utils for administration of user accounts
usrconfig-0.02.tar.gz    an easy to use user account configurator.
wwwadduser-0.1.tar.gz    perl scripts to add a user from an HTML form
xnew-0.4a.tar.gz         programs for requesting and creating user accounts
xuser-1.00.tar.gz        user-administration tool for Linux
xusermgr1.0.tar.gz       Motif/X-Windows User Account Manager [bin]
xusermgr_xforms.1.0.tar.gz xforms user account managers
ya-deluser-1.1.tgz       another delete user utility for administrators (modifies groups file too)

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