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Contents of README:
These files were written or collected by Jerry Peek, jpeek@jpeek.com.
The comment block at the top of each program explains what it does.

Use these at your own risk.  Testing these and making sure they
work at your site, with your version of MH, is your responsibility!
Please tell me about bugs you find, and fixes you make, so I can
include them in the next revision.

The programs are:
fixsubj    fix (add or change) "Subject:" on a mail message
folstkclr  clear stack from MH mail "folder" command
forwedit   editor for "forw"; makes Subject same as message you're forwarding
inc        front-end to MH "inc" that handles folder stack
mail.sort  sort mail messages in place, or link to temporary folder
mhall      apply a command to some or all of your MH folders.
mhlinks    find MH message(s) in all folders linked to named message(s)
nexts      show next message in an MH sequence
nx         remove current message after 1 minute; show next message now
pickthis   find messages with same subject as the current message
reheader   "move header" in MH message by adding "X-Original-line:"
rmf        front-end to MH rmf command; tries to stop MH from trashing symlinks
search     search for mail containing some regular expression(s)
showmult   show multiple MH messages; pass as separate files to pager
tcx        run MH command with temporary context: don't change cur folder/msg
tofrom     scan for mail to or from a user
xrefile    refile mail from current account to another

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