Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/X11

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
Xconfigs/                sample Xconfigs for various monitor/card combos
andrew/                  the Andrew toolkit and related apps
clocks/                  clocks and related alarm programs
colors/                  tools for viewing and changing the color database
compress/                tools to compress the X protocol stream
demos/                   cute little programs that aren't terribly useful
desktop/                 various desktop/session/life managers
devel/                   libraries and tools for writing X apps
fonts/                   various fonts for X
games/                   Games that run under X
gtk/                     stuff for the gtk toolkit
i18n/                    X internationalization support
icons/                   various icons, bitmaps, and pixmaps
kde/                     The K Desktop Environment
kde-apps/                software for the K desktop environment
libs@                    various standard X support libraries
screensavers/            various screen savers and lockers
servers/                 servers and server patches not yet in official XFree86
terms/                   X terminals (xterm, rxvt, mxterm, etc)
toolbars/                various toolbars
window-managers/         replacement window managers
xutils/                  utils that manipulate the X environment

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