Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/X11/terms

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
11dsk.tgz                linux thin client with X window system
Chinese-Tools-1.2.XFree86-3.1.tgz cxterm for X11R6
ETZY26_key_Dict.tar.gz   re-modified ETen Zu-Yin Dict for the Cxterm
ansi-xterm-R6-motif-sb-p1.gz A patch for ANSI Xterm to add motif scrollbar on the left
ansi-xterm-R6-motif-sb-static-bin.gz A patch for ANSI Xterm to add motif scrollbar on the left [bin]
ansi-xterm-R6.tgz        xterm patched to work with IBM charcter set [X11R6]
color_xterm-fix.tgz      color_xterm for Slackware 2.0 w/ scrollbar fix
cxterm5.0.tar.gz         chinese xterm
hztty-1.1-linux-p1.tgz   patch for hztty 1.1
hztty-1.1-linux.tgz      add on tty filter to cxterm
kascara0.0.1.tgz         dumb terminal emulator for KDE
kom-0.3.51.tar.bz2       Terminal program for modems
konsole-0.8.2.tar.bz2    KDE-aware X terminal
mxterm_sbr.elf.bin.tar.gz dynamiccaly linked motif x term with cb on right
rxvt-2.4-6.i386-glibc.rpm reduced (size and memory) xterm [RPM]
xiterm-1.0.fixed.tar.gz  8-bit clean, colour xterm replacement
xterm-R6-sb_right-ansi-3d.tar.gz xterm w/ ANSI support, Motif look/feel

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