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Kermit FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Kermit Software

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This is the old FAQ. The new FAQ is more up-to-date and is organized by topic for easier perusal.

From the comp.protocols.kermit.misc newsgroup and elsewhere...

Most questions are already answered in the published documentation. Reading the appropriate manuals (in conjunction with online release notes) will get you started, answer most of your questions, and will let you get the most out of your Kermit software: maximize the performance, write scripts to automate your communications tasks, and so on. The Kermit Project is entirely self-supporting, and proceeds from sales of these manuals is our primary source of funding. So please do purchase the manuals.

Most recent update: 5 April 2000

  1. How to Find Kermit Software
  2. What Is the Current Version of Kermit?
  3. Where to Get Kermit Manuals
  4. Why Is Kermit So Slow Compared to Zmodem? (It Isn't!)
  5. My Backspace Key Doesn't Work!
  6. How Do I Use MS-DOS Kermit over Trumpet Winsock or MS WfW TCP?
  7. How to Transfer Files through a 3270 Protocol Converter?
  8. Where Is the Key Map for 3270 Emulation?
  9. How Can I Make MS-DOS Kermit Use COM3, COM4?
  10. MS-DOS Kermit Patches Don't Seem to Take Effect.
  11. I Can Transfer Text Files but Not Binary Files
  12. Binary Files Are Corrupted After Transfer
  13. Why Doesn't the HANGUP Command Work for Me?
  14. How Can I Make the DIAL/REDIAL Commands Keep Trying?
  15. I Enabled Sliding Windows but It Looks Like Only One Is Used.
  16. How Do I Write a Script to Dial a Pager?
  17. When C-Kermit Dials My V.32bis (or V.34) Modem, I Get the Error 'Can't Change Speed to 14400 (or 28800)'
  18. How Do I Use Kermit with Pine?
  19. How Do I Get a Session Log without All the Embedded Escape Sequences?
  20. Kermit Doesn't Work Right with My (RPI) Error-Correcting Modem!
  21. What about Winmodems?
  22. What Kind of Modem Should I Buy?
  23. My Arrow Keys Don't Work
  24. MS-DOS Kermit under Windows Can't Find My Port
  25. If I Have an Error Correcting Modem Why Do I Need Kermit Protocol?
  26. How Do I Use 'SET KEY' with PC F-Keys, etc, in UNIX or VMS C-Kermit?
  27. How Can I Exit from C-Kermit without Hanging Up?
  28. What Is SuperKermit?
  29. Is Kermit Software Year-2000 Compliant?
  30. Is There a Kermit Library?
  31. How Do I Call up a Dialback Service?
  32. How Does the Numeric Keypad Work?
  33. How to Get Rid of the "OK to Exit?" Prompt?
  34. How to Tell Kermit to Ignore Dialtone?
  35. Where is the Dialing Script for My Modem?
  36. I'm Having Terminal Emulation Problems with C-Kermit
  37. Divide Overflow in MS-DOS Kermit
  38. Problems Using XYZMODEM External Protocols in C-Kermit
  39. Tone Dialing Changes to Pulse after First Digit
  40. How to Transfer Files with the HP-48?
  41. I'm Having Trouble with F-Keys

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